Screen Comedy & Clowns Blogathon, Fall 2022

October 1, 2022

by Steven DeRosa

Welcome to our Screen Comedy and Clowns, Fall 2022 Blogathon! This is the second blogathon series on our Film/Culture site. Abour every other week of the semester a student will be blogging about a particular film, topic, or reading as part of the course. And that student’s classmates will continue the discussion by commenting on the post.

Additionally, students will be collaborating on a mock comedy screening series as part of their final paper and presentation projects. Students will work together as if they were serving on a committee tasked with programming a screening series or film festival. This will involve:

1. Select a theme
2. Determine subcategories
3. Nominating/proposing films for consideration
4. Deliberating on final film selections
5. Curating content to promote each film (trailer, poster, still images, blurb)
6. Selecting academic reading(s) for each film
7. Compose essay about the film (introduction or discussion)
8. Publish all content on a Festival/Screening Web Page.

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