Mercy CATA's 3rd Annual Student Screenwriting Competition is Happening!

The Department of Communication and the Arts (CATA) at Mercy College will be holding its third annual student screenwriting competition. Click for details!

Screen Comedy & Clowns Blogathon

Keep up with the discussions happening in this semester’s Screen Comedy & Clowns course as students engage in weekly blog posts.

Hitchcock Blogathon

Have a look at the work from last semester’s Hitchcock Disciples course as students were engaged in semi-weekly blog posts.

Film and Culture

The Media Studies: Film/Culture concentration allows students to interpret various societies through the movies they produce.

Students have the opportunity to study films and discover how they reflect the broader culture. Additionally, students explore how films have influenced society throughout history in various world cultures from Hollywood and beyond. This concentration engages students to think, speak, and write about film/culture and film history while considering theoretical approaches to film making. 

Some Highlights

Course Offerings

Explore the wide variety of courses offered within the concentration.

Featured Student Work

Essays authored by students and mini-documentaries featuring students discussing topics related to film studies.


Biographies of our Film/Culture faculty.

Mercy CATA Student Screenwriting Competition